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MCM is looking for a Senior Behavioural Change Consultant – Contract

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We are searching for a self-motivated Freelance/Independent Contractor to join our company. The Independent Contractor’s responsibilities include completing assigned tasks with minimal supervision. You should also complete and file your tax returns in a timely manner. If you are interested, please do send a copy of your CV to our recruitment team at including your daily pay rate and availability.

Our role requires a highly engaging and experienced person interested in cultural and behavioural change and how it can be influenced by carefully curated interventions, workplace design and space planning. The core activities outlined below represent an overview of the position of Behavioural Change Consultant role but should not be seen as a prescriptive. The ideal candidate will need to be experienced, independent, flexible, and resilient to change themselves, able to adapt their working experience into this emerging integrated field of work.  Critical skills for the role are building and maintaining high trust client relationships, moving seamlessly between co-creating collaborative consulting and being a directive, change subject matter expert, depending on the needs and requirements of the client

A flexible, responsive approach is vital, both internally and externally, with initiative in identifying and focusing on what needs to be done to bring clients on their change journey whilst contributing to the growth and development of our change consulting offer.

This role sits within the Consultancy team which consists of workplace consultants and behavioural change consultants. The behavioural change solution for our clients is to be developed and designed in parallel with, or to enhance and add value to, strategic design and workplace consultancy solutions to provide a holistic solution. This will entail building a strong working knowledge of the workplace processes and principles and developing close effective working relationships with the interior and architecture teams.



The Senior Behavioural Change Consultant’s role is to support delivering an outstanding change consultancy service to our clients. The role assumes ownership, responsibility, and accountability for the delivery of strong change projects and programmes; managing client relationships and delivering quality whilst effectively managing resources and cost to ensure profitability for projects under their remit.

MCM is a values-driven organisation which reflect in how we work with and enable our clients. Company policies and procedures must be adhered to in all activities.



Consultancy, Facilitation, Coaching and Training

  • Work alongside Workplace Consultants, Strategists, Designers and Architects to obtain requirements for future behavioural design and to build detailed understanding of current employee and leadership cultures and drivers for change.
  • Use facilitation and coaching skills to ensure that interactions with clients are layered to be enabling and engaging and moving hearts and minds towards desired outcomes
  • Design and deliver highly engaging, informative, and interactive workshops and training courses to support the shift of behaviours successfully within cultural context
  • Design and deliver appropriate and cost-effective interventions that will diagnose change support requirements for our clients in parallel with workplace findings and recommendations
  • Coaching and developing senior leaders and managers to shift behaviours and role model and successfully lead change
  • Using the holistic view of an organisation to design bespoke interventions in order to utilise and leverage cultural behaviours and drivers to create desired outcomes.


Consultancy and Project Management

  • Competently and with excellent emotional intelligence; work alongside project team members to build a holistic brief. This may require desk research, interviews, workshops or focus groups and other data collection methods.
  • Gather and analyse appropriate qualitative and quantitate data to support a recommended change approach in partnership with workplace findings and recommendations
  • Information, insights, recommendations, and teachings will need to be communicated in highly engaging ways to ensure robust understanding, as well as collated into reports, presentations and other communications in a coherent and articulate manner.
  • Design and deliver appropriate and tailored interventions to drive behavioural change, creating appropriate documentation (approaches, strategies, project plans etc.) and content (workshop presentations, agendas, tools, frameworks) as required
  • With the Director of Consultancy, agree the required deliverables to ensure we are neither over or under servicing our client and that all outputs are aligned to our Scope of Services
  • Develop and maintain client relationships to ensure client satisfaction. Address client dissatisfaction rapidly and report to relevant senior business leaders/ Director of Consultancy
  • At the outset of the project make sure weekly project meetings are set up and review project progress at weekly project meetings
  • Work with the Project Director/ Operations Director to ensure that projects are set up correctly in the MCM DOT system and monitor resources and budget through project delivery
  • Agree any movements and adjustments in resource allocation and cash flow with the Project Director.
  • Ensure project files and reporting documents are maintained at all times
  • Monitor progress of team and take action/inform where the performance deviates from the agreed plan, ensure team is compliant with project plan


Developing and Delivering Change

  • Support the process of winning work by attending client interviews and assisting in the preparation of project proposals.
  • Develop and build on existing tools and methodologies to enhance and deepen our change offer
  • Use benchmarking and measurement tools and methodology so we are able to demonstrate added value to the client
  • Pro-actively research and be curious about emerging workplace and behavioural change trends and participate in the assembly of information that will assist in the creation of internal and external MCM expert knowledge.
  • Develop strong working relationships with clients past and present and use opportunities within your own network to enhance and build MCM’s reputation in change consultancy.
  • Share, teach and inspire with your own change and industry knowledge, learning and experiences with the wider MCM team to enrich peer to peer growth and development


Working Collaboratively

  • Encourage communications and interactions throughout the business, in support of a culture of collaboration and shared problem solving both internally and externally
  • Coach and mentor junior colleagues both within your team and throughout the business.
  • Manage your project to ensure each team members has a valued role to play and is empowered within their given remit to excel
  • Engender individual responsibility and ownership for tasks.



  • Actively participate in MCM marketing and business development activities
  • Actively introduce client contacts to contribute to the company’s business development network
  • Inform clients of MCM services available beyond the current agreed scope for future work, maximizing fee potential
  • Actively participate in driving new business opportunities, with a focus on building and maintaining client relationships

Please submit a CV and no more than five pages of your best work in PDF format to:

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Senior Behavioural Change Consultant - Contract