News: Jamesina Sainsbury joins MCM as Director of Consultancy


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News: Jamesina Sainsbury joins MCM as Director of Consultancy

MCM appoints Jamesina Sainsbury as Director of Consultancy.

Jamesina Sainsbury has joined the Senior Leadership team at MCM as Director of Consultancy.

Her expertise lies in helping organisations to connect the dots between their ways of working, organisational culture, and business strategy. By taking a human and holistic lens on a company’s ambitions and objectives, she integrates the physical, technological, and behavioural environments to inform conscious design.

Jamesina has developed and implemented ways of working strategies for both start-ups and established organisations across the FS, Pharma, Software and Manufacturing sector. Her most recent projects involved redefining the Future of Work for two large specialist insurance companies, who have now moved into 22 Bishopsgate. In her previous roles, she has been responsible for designing and delivering training to many leadership, HR, and facilities teams across the globe. She has always been instrumental in bringing about change and is passionate about positively contributing to society by evolving the way we work.

She is also an Exec Coach, a people leader, and a guest lecturer at Cambridge Business School on the topic of High Performing Teams.

We are excited about Jamesina’s arrival, and we look forward to you all meeting her!

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