Associate – Architecture


The core activities outlined below represent an overview of the position of an Architect Associate and should not be seen as a prescriptive list of activities.  The level of additional activities will vary depending on the demands of the core role.  A flexible responsive approach is vital, together with initiative in identifying and focusing on what needs to be done in order to contribute to the achievement of business objectives and innovation in design.


The Associate’s role is to assume ownership, responsibility and accountability for the delivery of Projects on time, within budget and to the right quality. At times they may be required to assume a Designer or Technical role on projects. Manage the project resources to ensure profitability of projects under your remit.  Company policies and procedures must be adhered to in all activities.



Project Responsibility

  • Lead agreed projects from inception to completion with accountability to the Project / Design Director for the effective running and delivery of the project understanding:
  • Scope required
  • Agreed fee and resource allocation
  • Effective resource management and project profitability along with delivering a quality product to client satisfaction.
  • Ongoing client management and development
  • Complete Monthly Project Health Check


Project Running

  • Manage client and team relationships to ensure effective communication and ultimately smooth delivery of successful projects
  • Monitor project against actual original scope and identify any change requests.
  • Monitoring actual resource against resource requirement and identifying priority areas.
  • Address client dissatisfaction rapidly and report to Project Director
  • Work with the Project Director to ensure that projects are set up correctly in the MCM Union Square project operation system and monitor resources and budget through project delivery.
  • Agree any movements and adjustments in resource allocation and cash flow with the Project Director and External Project Manager.
  • Ensure project files and reporting documents are maintained at all times.
  • Monitor progress of team and take action/inform where the performance deviates from the agreed plan, ensure team is compliant with project plan.
  • Mentor and support the rest of the MCM project team and provide clear leadership
  • At the outset of the project make sure weekly project meetings are set up and review project progress at weekly project meetings.
  • Report on projects to the Project Director and assist with any monthly monitoring of income from clients and recovery of any bad debts as may be required



  • Actively participate in MCM marketing and business development activities.
  • Actively maintain existing and past project and client contacts to contribute to the company’s business development network.
  • Inform clients of MCM services available beyond the current agreed scope for future work, maximizing fee potential.
  • Periodically attend client and industry networking events and conferences.


Managing & Mentoring People

  • Encourage communications and interactions throughout the business, encouraging and in support of a culture of collaboration and shared problem solving.
  • Coach and mentor junior colleagues both within your team and throughout the business.
  • Manage your project to ensure each team members has a valued role to play and is empowered within their given remit to excel
  • Engender individual responsibility and ownership for tasks.
  • Actively participate in and promote Continual Professional Development throughout the business.

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