MCM - Where Innovation Meets Responsibility.

We're not just talking about change; we're embodying it, one responsible choice at a time

Since becoming B Corp certified in 2021, it's been our constant endeavour to steer the company towards becoming a beacon of positive change, this move isn't just a step forward for us, it's a statement of our aspirations to build a future that people love, grounded in reducing our footprint and thinking about how we use space in new and innovative ways.


We have ensured our new home is future ready and able to adapt to the new world of workplace

Our new premises stand as a testament to the real, accessible change that is possible when businesses decide to take a stand. This is no utopia; it's a tangible, touchable step forward. Centred around the principles of low-carbon and sustainable materials, the design of the new space is not only adaptable but deeply cognisant of its impact on our fragile world. A 'loose fit' design allows for a flexible, evolving space that is ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our team, clients and community. It's about making choices that matter, that add up to create a substantial difference.

MCM graduate designers Valentina and Tom

Our space is a beacon of positive change welcoming all

As we gear up to welcome you into this new space, we want to ignite a spark of excitement for what's to come. A space where our creative team can help solve the challenges of tomorrow, a space which can become a beacon for the local community and a space that can help us make more sustainable and inclusive choices.

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