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Our commercial architecture work often requires the repositioning or repurposing of existing buildings to make them tailored for new purposes. It is this in-depth understanding of what occupiers require that makes our architecture consultancy and services deliver above and beyond expectations when advising landlords.


Our Architecture team help organisations change perceptions of existing buildings, release the potential value of sites and assets, enhance commerciality, bring practical and robust solutions to complex sites, and make communities better, whilst sustainability and environmental design overarch all that we do.


We are determined to minimise the impact of our buildings on the planet and where we can, to enhance the ecosystems our buildings are a part of. We strongly believe that we have an obligation to create buildings that are sustainable, and the most sustainable building is one that is re-purposed, refurbished and re-imagined, extending its life. We love this type of challenge.

Our architecture team develop innovative office designs and create sustainable architectural solutions for clients in various sectors including leisure, hospitality, retail, higher education, mixed use, science and health. Our clients seek out our ideas and imaginative approach to these types of projects.

Great ideas mixed with commercial awareness and technical genius make our architecture work stand out.

MCM Architecture team provide expertise and skills to lead and deliver all aspects of complex projects.  Our clients expect more than great design from us, and we deliver more.  Most clients are seeking help to understand the potential of sites or buildings before launching into committing to a substantial project. The initial appraisal stage of new build or refurbishment projects is where we make a big difference.  Ideas that unlock potential.

Our team have the skills to advise and contribute to the business case or feasibility studies that will make the difference to the asset value.

We are as much business advisors as we are creative advisors.
Most of our projects will follow the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Work stages. Every project is different, and our team have talents that cover a wide range of challenges that may occur on any project.

The MCM team have specific skills in the following areas:

  • Site appraisals
  • Historical site context research
  • Building appraisals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Appraisals
  • Planning Applications and Negotiations appraisals
  • Listed Building advice
  • Rights of Light advice
  • Surveys
  • Public consultations
  • User engagement
  • Environmental Appraisals
  • Sustainability Assessments
  • BREEAM, LEED and WELL Building Certifications
  • Façade design
  • Public Realm design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Developed Design
  • Technical Design
  • Specifications
  • Construction Monitoring

The Architecture Process

Aldgate house architecture MCM
Aldgate house architecture MCM

We appreciate our clients’ needs are to ensure that the process of designing a new environment is professionally managed and delivered to the highest standards.



Most of our projects will follow the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Work stages. MCM believe in co-designing with our clients which means engaging with you throughout the creative process. We want our clients to be part of the team with us, not just observers.


We approach projects with our ethos of People, Purpose and Practice in mind.


Everything starts at the human level. Understanding our clients. Their needs, their vision and the way they interact. It’s people that make buildings work and it’s people who inspire the spaces we design.


Being a purpose driven business goes deeper than just having an ESG strategy, it gives meaning to the role we play in the world. We are proud to be one of the few BCorp Certified Architecture and Design firms in the world. We are bound, legally to use our business as a force for good.


A design consultancy for the 21st century that puts people before space. Professional life. Personal life. The lines are blurring. Hybrid working and living is here to stay. Climate change is not a debate. We have a mission and a responsibility to act.

By focusing our efforts in these three areas from the start, the strategic brief and project purpose is created. Designing and creating solutions then becomes our response to these visionary ideals and your brief.

MCM are design team leaders for most projects and will coordinate our work with other consultants such as Structural and Civil Engineering, MEP Building Services Consultants, Planning Consultants, Cost Consultants, Environmental Consultants, and others.

Just as important for us is to have close engagement with business and commercial advisors to any project such Project and Program Managers, Letting Agents and Financial Advisors to ensure we are fully imbedded in and part of the overall project vision and criteria for success.

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