Ana Rita Martins

Sustainability Lead

Ana Rita is an accomplished architect with a passion for sustainability.

In her role at MCM, Ana Rita will play a pivotal role in championing environmental and social sustainability, embedding these principles at the core of all architecture and interior design projects. She brings a wealth of experience in integrating innovative solutions into projects while ensuring their seamless integration into sustainable roadmaps for companies and their employees.

Before joining MCM, Ana Rita held key positions, including leading sustainability practices, where she successfully spearheaded sustainability initiatives for projects on a global scale, employing environmental, social, and health certification systems such as BREEAM, LEED, and WELL. Her visionary approach and transformative impact on businesses have earned her recognition in the industry.

Ana Rita’s expertise extends beyond her professional endeavors; she is a recognized thought leader who frequently speaks at industry events and actively engages in research and discussion groups within the field.

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                      Ana Rita Martins Sustainability lead MCM

Jon Race


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Jon Race


Since joining MCM in 1996, Jon has assumed overall responsibility for many of our major workplace and fit out projects and has a very in-depth understanding of contemporary trends in workplace environments. His comprehensive understanding of the design process and his experience over an extensive range of projects in many sectors adds value to any design team.

Jon’s commitment and passion, together with his undoubtable people skills, saw him appointed as Managing Director in February 2011. As well as steering MCM, he still retains an active role on key projects ensuring we deliver on our promise to our clients.

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                      Jon Race MD MCM

Shannon Pope-Ellis

Managing Director

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Shannon Pope-Ellis

Managing Director

Shannon re-joins the practice from 2015 with a 17-year career working in internal and external creative design agencies. Most recently Shannon led the growth and directing of an internal creative agency for the Estee Lauder Companies UK & Ireland (or FMCG S&P 500 global beauty business). Coordinating a team of highly talented creative designers and project managers to deliver an end to end service for all of the 25+ brands creative requirements. Including 3D store design, 2D visual merchandising and digital full service production, in a highly dynamic fast pace environment.
10 Years prior to this, Shannon worked for a variety of small and large scale commercial architecture firms globally, designing and delivering mixed use spaces for a number of clients.
To name a few - HAVAS Media Group | Unilever | Royal College General Practitioners | British Airport Authority | British Airways | Radisson Hotel Group | Bird & Bird LLP| Cadbury's | Pernod Ricard

Throughout her career Shannon has developed valuable skills in communication, the understanding of people’s needs and energised creativity through designing solutions.
Shannon's role choices have always had a focus on innovative design, quality creativity and client relations, managing people and strategising for growing business.
She brings to the practise a client side perspective, blurring together of leisure and corporate spaces as well as a consumer and digital focussed approach.

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                      Shannon Pope-Ellis

Sean Hatcher - RIBA

Creative Director

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Sean Hatcher - RIBA

Creative Director

Sean helps to provide creative direction to the practice. He was previously a Director at Orms while also working for John McAslan Architects where he spearheaded their winning competition for Max Mara’s headquarters in Italy. Prior to that Sean was at Steidle & Partner, where he helped win and deliver T-Mobile’s global headquarters in Bonn. He has a wealth of experience in the office, leisure, retail and residential sectors, and has delivered award-winning projects both in the UK and throughout Europe. Within the workplace sector, Sean is involved across the whole spectrum working with clients, from developers to end-users, to re-imagine their assets and spaces.

Sean is also on the RIBA International Committee, one of the committees tasked with developing and advising on RIBA policies, strategies and activities.

Beyond work, Sean has a hat-trick of Cycle to Cannes rides as part of MIPIM under his belt and has participated in every BCO Cycle Challenge ride since its inception in 2012, including organising the Bilbao to Madrid route in 2013.

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                      Sean Hatcher Creative Director

Deepak Parmar

Design Director / B Corp Lead

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Deepak Parmar

Design Director / B Corp Lead

Deepak is an experienced Creative Lead and Director with a passion for workplace excellence. He not only ensures projects are creatively exceeding client expectations, but that the best design thinking is applied so that the discovery and design process is engaging for all stakeholders. His empathetic approach to design is the base for his creativity in the ever-changing office landscape; his belief in designing a holistic experience ensures that people are the key driver for all his design decisions. Deepak’s zest for innovation means that he works closely with the whole design team to deliver award-winning projects that challenge and push the boundaries of what a workplace should be.

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                      Deepak Parmar Design Director

Florence Njururi

Financial Controller

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Florence Njururi

Financial Controller

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                      Florence Njururi

Ellen Redmayne-Smith

Head of Business Support

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Ellen Redmayne-Smith

Head of Business Support

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                      Ellen Redmayne Smith

Barnaby Bugden

Project Operations Director

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Barnaby Bugden

Project Operations Director

One of our most experienced design directors, Barnaby believes strongly that excellence in projects comes from the seamless intersection of aesthetic, technical detailing and compliance. Prior to joining MCM in 2003, he worked in East Asia, on projects in retail, leisure and workplace. Through his work on many complex projects in the UK and internationally, Barnaby has developed an in-depth knowledge of construction and ‘how things go together’. His technical and detailed knowledge expands the refined dimension of his creative designs and concept development.

As one of our Design Directors responsible for production, Barnaby is instrumental in driving and continuously elevating our production capability – from MCM’s adoption of BIM and Revit best practices to ensuring all our projects are delivered to high technical standards.

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                      Barnaby Bugden

Graeme Hart

Director of Consultancy

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Graeme Hart

Director of Consultancy

Graeme is an experienced leader with 20+ years in workplace strategy, change management and transformation. Graeme brings deep expertise and skills in cultural and behavioural change, workplace transformation, transition management, OD, TOM, communications, and employee engagement.

Graeme’s expertise lies in enabling a company’s vision and strategy by delivering improvements in organisation effectiveness, culture, ways of working and people performance. He is passionate about building workplaces that inspire and bring the best out of employees, clients, and stakeholders. Graeme has worked across the Workplace spectrum from strategy and vision development through cultural assessments, change and transition support, and post implement reviews.

Prior to joining MCM Graeme has held Partner and Practice Director level roles for global firms in Europe and the US.

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                      Graeme Hart Workplace Consultancy Director MCM

Zefa Mongan

Associate Director

Zefa joined MCM in 2014. As Associate Director and Project Lead, he is responsible for managing design teams through every project stage.
He was awarded the Euston Road Medal by the Royal College of General Practitioners, for his contribution to the delivery of their new home in Euston Square. He also led the team that won bronze at the 2019 WIN awards, for ITV’s Campus headquarters.

Zefa sees design as an opportunity to solve problems and bring delight to others. He says that creativity gives him a feeling of achievement, especially when it results in something tangible.

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                      Zefa Mongan Associate Director

Sarah Snell

Associate Director

Sarah graduated with a BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture from the Curtin University of Technology, Australia. She kicked-off her architectural career in Perth, then moved to London in 2010.
Sarah joined MCM in 2014 and became Associate Director in 2021, she is responsible for running projects and leading design teams.
A highly creative problem solver and a firm believer in the power of collaboration. Sarah was part of the team that transformed Havas Media’s HQ in King Cross and scooped a BCO award in the process.

Passion, Dedication. Creativity.
Sarah loves the creative process and getting to learn about different industries and organisations. It’s all about sharing knowledge to unlock the big idea.

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                      Sarah Snell

Daniel Hill

Associate Director

Dan joined MCM in 2010. He has a BA (Hons) in Interior Design Environment Architectures from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. As an Associate, he runs multiple projects and several design teams.
He was heavily involved in the design of office and production space for UK visual effects legends, Double Negative. They got the Oscar. We got the BCO award.

Dan says, “I never wake up not wanting to go to work, it’s so enjoyable it doesn’t feel like a job”.
He loves to be challenged and will go the extra mile, especially when everyone’s pulling in the same direction. Open and honest. Hardworking and committed. Dan always aims to deliver spaces that reflect the personality of the client. Spaces that go beyond expectations.

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                      Daniel Hill - Associate Director MCM

Terri Scott

Associate Director

Terri joined MCM in 2012 and is responsible for leading projects from brief to completion. She heads up a tight-knit team of designers and is the main point of contact for many of our clients.
She attacks every project with energy and enthusiasm, and says she thrives on, “the buzz of brainstorming and building the concept with the team”.

Terri is definitely from the ‘what if’ school of thought. She loves nothing more than exploring every creative avenue. Bouncing initial thoughts around the design team to find the big idea.
Passionate. Creative. Dedicated. A talented designer and team leader, she builds strong relationships with our clients, who know they can lean on her for anything.

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                      Terri Scott - Associate Director MCM

Nathan Johnson


From drawing and painting to building Lego cityscapes as a lad, Nathan’s always been into creating. He graduated in 2002 from Kingston University with a BA(Hons) in Interior Architecture.After an illustrious career rising from Junior Interior Designer whilst also working in the Netherlands and Australia, Nathan joined MCM in July 2018. As Project Lead and Associate, Nathan is responsible for a number of interior workplace projects. It’s his job to get to grips with a brief and bring it to life collaborating with other design team members,consultants and contractors – a process that he relishes.

Nathan is a team player. As he puts it, “There’s always someone here that can help you crack any challenge - we’re all on the same journey, it’s just that some of us have had a bit more experience”.

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                      Nathan johnson - associate MCM

Liana Hill


Liana graduated with a BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design and has been with MCM since 2013.
She takes an active role across all aspects of projects – working with clients, contractors and internal teams. She was on the BCO award-winning team for Havas’ London headquarters and Estée Lauder’s offices at One Fitzroy. She featured in Mix Interiors’ 30 under 30, 2018.

Liana is passionate about creating exciting spaces.
She asks questions. Lots of questions. Once the brief is clear, she prefers to lock herself away and thrash out initial ideas by herself. Then she’ll throw her thoughts into the ring and bounce them around with everyone else on the project team.

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                      Liana Hill - associate - MCM

Alex Mackay


Previously an exhibition designer, Alex spent 15 years in architecture before joining us in 2016. He has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Calgary and a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.
At MCM, Alex has found his niche; working with contractors, suppliers and manufacturers under the banner of technical design and delivery.

Decision maker. Problem solver. He keeps projects moving. He’s the voice of reason; somehow managing to compromise with designers, contractors and suppliers, but still maintaining the integrity of the original design.

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                      Alex Mackay

Roza Mavromati


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                      Roza MCM Interior Designer

Chris Meiller

Senior Technical Designer

Christopher studied Graphic Design in Milwaukee. He then moved to the UK to take a Foundation in Art & Design, followed by a BA (Hons) in Interior & 3D design at Manchester Metropolitan University.
After an early career in Graphics, he moved on to space planning and interior architecture – joining MCM in 2018 after 18 years in the
As a Technical Designer, Christopher works mainly on project stages 3, 4 and 5. He turns concepts into Revit models, coordinates with
subcontractors and uses his design/tech nous to identify and solve potential problems.

Christopher is a walking encyclopedia of design and technical knowledge. No problem fazes him. There’s always a simple, practical
answer. Methodical. Professional. Objective. Logical. But with that extra bit of design flair that sets him apart from many of his contemporaries.

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                      Chris Meiller - Senior Technical Designer- MCM

Stuart Davis

Senior Technical Designer

Stuart has been on the MCM team since 2005. He’s a crucial link between designers and contractors. Like a ship’s captain, he keeps everything on course. Making sure everyone works to agreed protocols and sticks to the plan.
Stuart has a BA (Hons) in Interior Design, but combines his artistic leaning with a razor-sharp, technical approach. He gets what our designers are trying to achieve, but also understands what contractors need to get the job done. This is his sweet spot – taking a creative vision and bringing it to life in the real world.

Stuart fires on all cylinders when he’s up against the impossible and a deadline is knocking on the door. He gets his head down and works through the sort of challenges that would leave most people floundering.

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                      Stuart Davies Designer MCM

Jay Forward

Senior Designer

Jay started her design journey in event design, designing events in prestigious London venues including a David Bowie exhibition launch at the V&A, gala dinners at the Natural Portrait Gallery and MasterCard brand experience pop ups throughout London venues.
Jay loved the commercial interior aspects of event design so was driven to pursue a career in interiors by going to University of the Arts London. Jay has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior & Spatial Design.
Having joined MCM in June 2018, Jay is involved with creating initial concepts and progressing them to fully developed design drawings. She sees the design process through from client briefing to on-site application.

Let’s get stuck in. Jay thrives on getting involved with all aspects of the design process and fully immerses herself in the task at hand. She thinks deeply to find the elements needed to create a space true to each individual client and brief, always designing with attentiveness and empathy.

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                      Jay Forward Senior Designer MCM

Francesca Gabba

Senior Designer

Francesca has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Politecnico in Milan and achieved the title of Architect in 2014.
At the beginning of her career she spent 4 years in Singapore focusing on high-end commercial and hospitality projects.
She moved to London in 2019 and started work at MCM where she has been involved in all aspects of project from initial concept to on-site application.

Francesca is always exploring new ideas and loves being part of a team that aims to find innovative solutions. She is meticulous, detail oriented and has a strong problem solving attitude, her architectural background gives her a holistic approach.
She says, “People spend most of their time inside a building, what is most important to me is to find out what the clients want and to
improve their environment by allowing them to enjoy the space where they are”.

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                      Francesca Gabba - Senior Designer MCM

Cristina Prieto

Senior Designer

Cristina started her career at MCM in 2017 completing her internship and gaining a first class interior design degree from Kingston University in 2018. This was followed by three years in London and Madrid working on high end residential and workplace projects, before rejoining MCM in 2021.

Motivated by the ever-changing working environment and finding solutions that are tailor-made for each client, Cristina challenges the norm to achieve innovative spaces. She is passionate about the fine detailing and creating memorable experiences, seeing spaces as a succession of beautiful moments. She takes a great interest in sustainability and is working towards the development of more sustainable practices within the industry.

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                      Cristina Prieto - Designer MCM

Sophia Cameron

Senior Designer

Sophia started her journey in New Zealand after completing her masters of design innovation with distinction in 2018 from Victoria University of Wellington. After working primarily on high end workplace projects in both New Zealand and Dubai for 4 years, Sophia arrived in London and began working with MCM in 2022.

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                      Sophia Cameron

Thomas Jack


Thomas joined MCM in 2021 after graduating from De Montfort University with a first-class degree in Interior Design.

As an enthusiastic and dedicated young designer, Thomas brings a refreshing burst of excitement and energy to the projects he is given. His inter-personal skills and ability to engage with others make him great at dealing with clients, stakeholders, and contractors which leads to creating human centric design. Thomas has a particular interest in sustainability and has quickly become an integral part of the B Corp Initiative at MCM.

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                      Thomas Jack

Charne Nel


Charne started her design journey in Brisbane, Australia by completing a Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) at the Queensland University of Technology. After gaining knowledge and experience at a small hospitality, retail, and healthcare design company for two years as an undergraduate and two years as a postgraduate designer, Charne moved to London. She started working at MCM in January of 2023. Australian Interior Designer Greg Natale is a huge source of inspiration for Charne’.

Outside of the office, Charne enjoys art, photography, crafts, travel, live music and enjoying time with friends.

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                      Charne Interior Designer MCM

Isabela Alves

Graduate Designer

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                      Isabela Alves

Nicholas Alderson

Senior Architect

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                      Nicholas Alderson MCM Architect

Anastasia Katikaridi

Associate Architect

Anastasia started her early career in Greece as an Architect and before joining MCM in 2022 she was an Associate Architect at Foster + Partners. Anastasia is experienced through all stages of design in multiple sectors such as commercial, mixed use, residential, masterplanning and infrastructure globally, with a particular interest on commercial developments. Anastasia’s responsibilities involve leading and managing teams as well as having a client facing role. Anastasia is hugely inspired by British-Italian Architect, Richard Rogers.

Outside of work Anastasia enjoys travelling, hiking, theatre, tennis and football.

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                      Anastasia Architect MCM

James Bradley

BIM Manager

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                      james bradley

Maria Bavio

Studio Lead

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                      Maria Bavio MCM Studio lead

Nima Patel

Marketing Coordinator

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                      NIma Patel MCM Marketing

Margaryta Polishchuk

Senior Management Accountant

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