Junior Designer


The core activities outlined below represent an overview of the position of a Junior Designer and should not be seen as a prescriptive list of activities. The level of additional activities will vary depending on the demands of the core role. A flexible responsive approach is vital, together with initiative in identifying and focusing on what needs to be done to contribute to the achievement of business objectives and innovation in design.



The role will ensure you get exposure to all elements of the design process, including both creative and technical aspects of project delivery. Company policies and procedures must be adhered to in all activities. MCM follow a project quality plan supporting this process which will be presented at induction. Company policies and procedures must be adhered to in all activities.



Creativity / Design

  • Responsible with other designers for the development of the project design concepts
  • Assist and sometimes lead in production of design presentations and supporting material
  • With other designers and in support of the Project Leader help to ensure that all presentations are clean, focused, relevant and on time
  • Assist in the project quality plan and ensure that it is implemented at all stages on the project where appropriate



  • Work collaboratively with a wide project team including Design Directors to produce and deliver various project work stages on time and to the best possible standard
  • Support the MCM project design team ensuring all deadlines are met in accordance with project programme, involving design presentations, technical submissions, critical work stage reports, and many other types of information.
  • Contribute and sometimes assist in the delivery of client presentations on design schemes.
  • Assist in Production and Technical Information on Architectural and Interior Projects



  • Attend MCM Seminars as may be of benefit to you in your role.
  • Represent MCM Architecture and promote our services to Client bodies and all other consultants and associated bodies at industry events. These events may occur outside of core working hours.

Additional Activities

  • Be involved in MCM initiatives that champion best practice, excellence in design and progressive direction in the field

Please submit a CV and no more than five pages of your best work in PDF format to: recruitment@mcm-uk.com

Job Title

Junior Designer