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Artistic. Inquisitive. Talented. 75 strong. Introducing you to #MCMMinds.

Laura Bellamy has been with MCM since 2013 and leads many of our interiors projects as one of our talented Associates. For Laura it’s all about people. Creating spaces that people love. Spaces that help them to do their best possible work.

She was heavily involved from day one on two of MCM’s landmark jobs: Havas and ITV. Havas picked up a British Council for Offices (BCO) Award and ITV won a WIN award in 2019.

What do you love most about your job?
The variety and learning new things. There’s something new every day- new people to meet and new challenges …..and winning awards is always a good motivation! Creating a new office is a privilege and a really enjoyable process for all involved, so I make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for the client too.


How are you finding working from home at the moment?
There are some positives- spending more time with the children for instance. There are also some challenges- spending more time with the children! I need to social distance myself from the fridge too. I think overall, some real positives will come out of this time of unprecedented change.


What brings out the best in you?
I thrive on challenges and work best when there’s too much to do, and too little time.


What’s your proudest moment at MCM?
I’m proud of everything we do. I’ve been here seven years and love how we’ve grown. It’s really inspiring.


What first got you into design?
I started out thinking I wanted to be a film or theatre set designer, so studied design with that in mind. Then I got the architectural interiors bug.


If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
A landscape gardener- basically anything outside!. Or maybe I’d run eco-tourism activity holidays – loads of outdoor fun, completely self-sufficient and off grid.

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