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MCM are pleased to announce the launch of “The MCM Skunkworks” programme: Our high intensity innovation lab.

With a mission is to solve disruptive problems radically and quickly, the first task we have undertaken is:

Post Covid 19 – What’s the Purpose of the Office?

What is a Skunkworks?

“An enriched environment that is intended to help  a small group of  individuals design anew idea by escaping routine organisational  procedures” (Everett Rogers,  American Sociologist).

MCM bring together (for a limited time) internal talent and external advisors/contributors to work on specific projects outside of our usual work. The team create new ideas/ solutions/ designs or points of view that improve people’s lives or business performance and have a social purpose for the greater good.

The MCM Manifesto.

First our first topic, the challenge was to consider the implications of this extreme global social experiment that we have all been living. The word ‘purpose’ was the key. This was not just a discussion about the design of the future office, but its purpose. Our findings and predictions to follow have turned out to be much wider than just purpose of the physical office, but three predictions on the radical changes we will see in organisational structures, values, purpose, behaviours and locations.

Over the last 10 weeks, our team have pieced together some significant research, data and conversations – and we can’t wait to share it with you.

MCM have imagined a new world of work. A Return to Human. The Radial Office. The Gig Company.

This is the MCM Manifesto. Coming June 15th 

Video by Zefa Mongan, Associate Director


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