An Exciting Road Ahead for MCM


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MCM are delighted to announce that from 1st September 2020, we will be pivoting our business and our office location.

This change is in line with our three predictions for successful organisations stated in the MCM Skunkworks Manifesto – The New World of Work, published this month:

  • A Return to Human – Caring for and respecting our people, supporting their desire for balance in their work and life.
  • A Radial Office – Providing choice to our people- a small dynamic, central hub space, plus alternative remote and / or home locations.
  • A Gig Company – Trust in our people and in strategic partner organisations, opening opportunities for our people and our areas of expertise to be truly global.

At this time of change in the world of work and our personal priorities we will be pioneering something very new. A radical redefinition of the purpose of our own office. Our move will be more than just a physical move. We are moving MCM, embarking on defining a new type of creative business. Our new space will be a catalyst for us and our clients.

Meanwhile, all our people continue driving change and creating inspiring places from our remote workplaces and from 71 Hopton Street until the end of August.

More to be revealed in the next few weeks.

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