News: MCM appoints Maria Bavio as MCM, Great Suffolk Yard Studio Lead


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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Maria Bavio as the Studio Lead for our dynamic new space in Great Suffolk Yard.

In her role, Maria stands as the face of the studio, exemplifying the company’s values and sustainability promise in every decision she makes.

Maria Bavio’s impact has been swift and profound since joining MCM. As our Studio Lead, she played a pivotal role in orchestrating the recent studio move, demonstrating exceptional organisational skills and a meticulous eye for detail. Her contributions extended beyond the move itself, as she actively coordinated contractors and designers for the new space.

“Rejoining as Studio Lead was an easy decision, allowing me to blend my academic background in interior design with my practical experience as an artist, and my deep appreciation for exquisite architecture.

My outgoing nature (some say loud), love for engaging with people, and problem-solving mindset make this role a perfect fit.

I’m not just excited about the opportunity to create an outstanding studio environment; I’m also thrilled about the prospect of collaborating closely with each of you in the future.” – Maria Bavio, Studio Lead, MCM

We will be continuing to evolve and utilise our studio in innovative ways which we will share through the course of 2024.


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