Steve Wood is a WELL AP


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A huge congratulations to our very own Steve Wood for becoming a WELL AP!

After a year of hard study and a gruelling exam he has come out the other side an expert in all things WELL. Steve has worked in the commercial interiors sector for over 10 years and has learned through his experience that the importance of people in a work environment is second to none. Our external environment has significant impact on us physically and emotionally. WELL provides a framework for us to create spaces in which all people are able to thrive.

At MCM we put people at the heart of our designs, not just creating functional workplaces, but environments that support and inspire the people that use them.
Steve aims to apply all that he has learned to his designs process and to encourage others to do the same.

He believes it is important for us to show our clients how incorporating WELL into the design of their spaces will create a more healthy, happy, resilient and constructive work force.

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