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Culture Beyond Walls.

Programme Overview

How do you reimagine a future where there is no precedent to draw on in order to create something new? Most of us take what we know and build on it, our cognitive bias restricts our thinking and we cannot help but see everything through the lens of our own experience. In these times of disruption and uncertainty the skill of imaging and articulating a new way, a new vison, not only inspires those around you but minimises the risks of knee-jerk, short term and reactive thinking that may ultimately prove costly or even catastrophic.

Before you slash floor plates, sell property, roll out new remote working policies or make any other high impact decisions, we invite you to attend these three powerful workshops where you will:

  • Understand your brain and its habits and bias that may mean you miss a trick and XYZ
  • Be given a powerful process that will allow you step out of your usual thinking patterns to allow your creative genius to help solve one of today’s trickiest visioning problems.
  • Learn how to sell your new vision in a way that lands powerfully and emotionally to build the buy-in you need.

Access to three pre-recorded workshops, each broken down into easy-to-digest sections which you can work through at your own pace.

An accompanying workbook with exercises designed to prompt additional thinking about how the content applies to you, your organisation and the people within it

Practical tools and techniques which yu can takeaway and implement immediately

The opportunity to explore your learnings and build a network with like-minded individuals outside of your own organisation