Extreme Agile Survival Guide: Building Our Resilience in Uncertainty


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The impact of COVID-19 has been far reaching – and will inevitably leave an impression on the way we work and live for a long time to come. With a long road ahead of us, we are still navigating the range of emotions that accompany each stage of change, with our minds and bodies responding to the uncertainty in various ways.

We want to continue serving our clients and the wider community, sharing our expertise and best practice around making the current situation of extreme agile work. This is particularly relevant from the human perspective, as majority of people have been navigating to find their new normal amid COVID-19. At this time, our collective goal is to help others build our resilience in times of uncertainty.

We’ve distilled our science-backed recommendations into a white paper of simple, pragmatic tips and tools for individuals to survive as we endeavour through the next phases.

Read our Extreme Agile Survival Guide here.

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