Extreme Agile Survival Guide: Spatial Distance Not Social Distance


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In response to COVID-19, MCM has moved to 100% agile, with all staff working remotely. Many organisations are experiencing a similar challenge, pushing agile working further than ever before in the quest for business continuity.

We want to continue serving our clients and the wider community, sharing our expertise and best practice around making extreme agile work. This is particularly relevant from the human perspective, as more and more people need to self-isolate.  At this time, our collective goal should be spatial distance not social distance.

We’ve distilled our science-backed recommendations into a white paper of simple and pragmatic to-dos to help your organisation survive and thrive through this move into the unknown. We’ve focused particularly on how you can support your people on the ground, those who will keep your business’ engine running – no matter where they are logging on.

Read our full guide here.

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