How much do we need to know about the re-opening of offices?

By Louise Brown

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When it comes to preparing for the re-opening of offices, how much is truthfully known about this next chapter?

In a search to find interesting data and anecdotes that might correlate with what we’re hearing from clients that we’re currently working with, I came across a number of articles online that sounded like they might be insightful and I settled in to read them with anticipation and a cuppa. However, as I read on I was disappointed to find the contents were repeats on a theme of articles I’ve been reading on and off for the past few months, despite many people acknowledging the fluctuations in behaviours, feelings and attitudes as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our lives.

Some of these articles were also flawed by the data they presented. Percentages based on what? Questions asked of who? For me, this lack of fundamental information compromised the validity of the claims these articles were making and so, unfortunately, they failed to provide a solid starting point for discussion and debate away from the website on which they sat.

Here are my views on what we really need to know about the re-opening of offices.

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Written By Louise Brown, Workplace Consultant

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