Vodcast – The Future of Infrastructure


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Vodcast - The Future of Infrastructure

The Future of Infrastructure –  #MCMSkunkworks Vodcast 2

MCM had the pleasure of inviting Roger Lawrence, Board Trustee at West Midlands Urban Community Housing, former Leader of Wolverhampton Council and former Transport Lead at Key Cities, as a guest to join a discussion on The Future of Infrastructure.

Based on the #MCMSkunkworks paper written by Director of Architecture Andrew Tetlow, Roger, Ken, and Andrew shared their insights and opinions on:

  • Automated vehicles
  • The future of retail
  • Cities and travel culture

“It’s all about the hearts & minds of people and catering to what they want, over deciding what’s best for them” – Roger Lawrence.

To watch the full vodcast, click here:

To view Andrew Tetlow’s paper, click here

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