We are moving to The Ministry on September 1st 2021


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MCM is delighted to announce that we are moving into our new office from September 1st - the spectacular The Ministry, 79-81 Borough Road

During the pandemic, we took advantage of our lease break in March 2020 to leave our former home in Hopton Street and experiment with working from a flexible, leased space in Borough High Street.

For over a year, we have been trialling, piloting and experimenting with our own work patterns, rhythms, protocols and needs.  The time has now arrived for us to occupy our own new space in this special iconic venue that will be a bold, new type of work-life space that ignites creative, nurturing and client engagement experiences.

We look forward to welcoming all our MCM’ers, clients and industry friends in the months ahead as we continue to work.

This is not a return to work …work never stopped, only the boundaries and behaviours changed.

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