Beyond Walls

Time to rethink the World of Work

Do you want to optimise your future workplace strategy and employee experience? Embed new ways of working into the DNA of your company or create the best environment to foster a culture of innovation to meet company aspirations? At one of our bespoke Beyond Walls sessions, you will gain a tailored understanding of the challenging yet promising future world of work and how to deliberately design a workplace and culture people love.

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Future Beyond Walls

Are you starting to think about your long-term workplace strategy? What purpose your office has, how your people will use it, and the best ways to enable collaboration, innovation and productivity? The workplace of the past was about being physically present, the future is about versatility and social interaction and a powerful employee experience. But, some of the most critical decisions are not always obvious especially when operating in a complex and challenging environment.  In our tailored half-day interactive workshop ‘Future Beyond Walls’ we will help your leadership and/or programme team:

  • Understand the critical workplace trends to ensure you capitalise on opportunities and mitigate threats pro-actively.
  • Determine what people are looking for when returning to ‘the office’, and what they want to protect from working remotely, to increase engagement and buy-in for your new way of working.
  • Define expectations and boundaries that everyone can make sense of so that there is no impact to productivity and performance.
  • Identify the critical elements for your new way of working programme so that you’ve got the right people involved, the right structure and are clear on the process involved to make this a success.

What do you get? – An inspired, empowered team and a bespoke Future Way of Working Blueprint detailing findings and next steps for you to build a workplace strategy that gets the most from your people, platforms and property.

Culture Beyond Walls

Has your culture been impacted by the shift to remote or hybrid working? Are your people feeling disconnected and lacking a sense of belonging? Maybe you’ve introduced a new working model but people aren’t coming back into the office…  Unfortunately, when improperly executed, a hybrid work model can be extremely divisive, introducing inefficiencies and inequalities and compounding disconnect and disruption. To prevent this, you need to design belonging as part of your future way of working.

Drawing on our expertise in the last 18 months and latest research,  this half day workshop will help you:

  • Design the traditions that you want to protect and identify those that can be left behind to create an emotional connection with your people.
  • Set the tone from the top by identifying key messages and leadership behaviours so that you’re building influential leaders, driving connection and creating a strong cultural foundation for your new way of working.
  • Curate your people-promise detailing how you want your people to feel and not feel when at work so that they find their work environment comfortable and safe, and somewhere they feel at their productive best.
  • Create a sense of purpose at organisation, team and individual level so that your people feel like their work and what they do really matters.

What do you get? – An inspired, empowered team and a bespoke Culture Beyond Walls Blueprint with detailed findings and next steps to connect your people and build belonging even during times of complex change.

Workplace Beyond Walls

Have you agreed your new way of working but just need the pandemic to go away so that you can get back to some form of normality?  Maybe your ‘return to office’ date keeps shifting… from April to June to September and now January?  The last 18 months have been one of the most disruptive on record, and it doesn’t seem to be calming down so it’s important to create a process that brings your people back to the office safely but that can also flex and adapt seamlessly into your future world of work.  In our half day interactive workshop ‘Workplace Beyond Walls’ we will help your leadership and/or programme team:

  • Understand how to determine the physical space you need, identifying potential cost savings so you aren’t left with half empty offices.
  • Clarity on your office ‘why’ – the purpose of your physical office to build the key coms messages that explain why your people should work there, building buy-in and support.
  • Understand the connection between space, people and technology (and highlight potential gaps) so that you are creating a workplace experience that spans beyond the physical space bringing everyone, and every space, together.
  • Understand different workplace experiences and how your space can work better so that you’re increasing innovation, collaboration, and productivity.

What do you get? – An inspired, empowered team and a bespoke Workplace Beyond Walls Blueprint detailing findings and next steps so that you can get your people safely back into the office whilst successfully implementing your new way of working.

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Get to know the experts

Sarah Bolas

Director of Consultancy

Sarah is a specialist in behavioual change and oversees all of our consultancy projects, ensuring that employee experience and change are at the heart of MCM’s wider offer. Drawing from her experience of being an executive coach as well as being ANLP accredited, Prince2 Project Management Certified, and an MSP (Managing Successful Programs) practitioner, her role is to bridge the integration of workplace consultancy, strategic design and behavioural change to build the workplaces and work practices of the future.

She combines her endless curiosity for neuroscience and organisational psychology with tremendous amounts of energy, enthusiasm and insight enabling her to get straight to the heart of the issue’s facing our clients.

With Sarah there’s always a way through, no matter how difficult the situation.

Deepak Parmar

Design Director

Deepak is an experienced Creative Lead and Director with a passion for workplace excellence. He not only ensures projects are creatively exceeding client expectations, but that the best design thinking is applied so that the discovery and design process is engaging for all stakeholders. His empathetic approach to design is the base for his creativity in the ever-changing office landscape; his belief in designing a holistic experience ensures that people are the key driver for all his design decisions. Deepak’s zest for innovation means that he works closely with the whole design team to deliver award-winning projects that challenge and push the boundaries of what a workplace should be.