Peabody - Westminster Bridge Road.

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Peabody - Westminster Bridge Road


120,000 sq ft


Housing Association


Westminster Bridge Road, London

Maximising the value of an existing asset and creating a new HQ.

One of our long-standing clients appointed MCM to help them define and deliver what their version of a Hybrid Workplace could look like.

It was important to the client that when their employees returned to the office, it felt distinctly different and was a destination to strengthen social bonds and company culture. Working within the constraints of an existing building and a tight budget, our design teams created a concept that completely changed the employee and visitor experience. Enhancing the areas of the building that would provide spaces for colleagues to come together and collaborate whilst still addressing areas for focussed work or ‘teams’ calls.

Employee wellbeing and inclusivity were also at the heart of their requirements and recognising more of their employees would choose to walk, run or cycle into work the design also overhauled their facilities to support this. What has become clear is that this move to Hybrid working is going to transform the organisation across multiple levels of the business. Peabody has grasped this opportunity and they are excited to see what the future holds for their culture.

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